Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 29, 2017

Wow have we been busy! The cornfield characters were amazing and thank you to all who helped make our fall party a success! The tower garden has seedlings growing and we love to watch it grow everyday. It won't be long before we are able to try some of the greens we are growing and share them with others.

In math, we have been working on division and multiplication number stories. We continue to use our Dreambox accounts and are happy to have Ms.C in to help in math a couple days a week.

In Literacy, we have completed 2 more lessons. We have answered the essential questions: 
1. How does volunteering help in a community?
2. Why is everyone's role on a project important?
Some of the reading groups have started a chapter book in addition to the Journey's lesson. The Bahamas are reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane while the Jaguars are reading Crenshaw.  

We have also been writing persuasive paragraphs from the point of view of a scarecrow and have been learning about nouns and adjectives both in reading and through writing rhythm poetry. The poems have been a lot of fun.

We are learning about food chains, biomes and animals. We will be starting our next project in the next week to learn about how we are part of food chains in different biomes.

November 3rd- Report Card Day
November 9th- No School for Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 10th- No School Veteran's Day is observed
November 22-24th- No School- Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, October 14, 2017

October News

Can you believe it is October already??? 

We are so busy in our classroom learning new things that time just slips by us. Here are some things we have been working on:

Math- Learning multiplication and division, Using diagrams to solve word problems, Elapsed time number lines and rounding. We have also been using Dreambox daily and engaging in some performance tasks related to real-world math problem solving.

Literacy- We are on Lesson 3 in our Journey's Program. We have learned about the court system, schools and community volunteering. We are learning lots of new vocabulary and grammar, including all the different kinds of sentences and parts of sentences.

Writing- We have learned how to write a Cinquain Poem, using syllables. We are working on a persuasive piece of writing from the point of view of a scarecrow. We also continue to learn how to make a solid paragraph which includes a topic sentence, details and a closing.

Social Studies/Science- We are learning about the Biomes around the world. We have started to learn about food chains and animals in different habitats. We will study vertebrates and invertebrates soon and then do a project to find out about a food chain in a specific biome and connect that chain to ourselves and a food we like to eat! (This will be our next Project-Based Learning opportunity)

Project-Based Learning- We have wrapped up our project answering the question, What role do you play in creating a positive learning environment? We made posters and slideshows to show what we learned. Each day we continue to work on our Growth Mindset and creating that positive learning environment.

Please remember math is due the next day
Spelling is due the day of the test. There should always be 4 completed assignments turned in for each lesson.
Please keep reading at home!!!

Upcoming DATES:  
Wednesday, October 18th is Early Release

Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

This week we started our reading program. The children are learning the routines of Journeys. We read A Fine, Fine School and One-Room Schoolhouses. We used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the differences between school long ago and school today.

In math, we learned how to log into our Dreambox accounts and have started our math groups. We will begin working on multiplication and division over the next few lessons.

We are still learning what it means to be part of a positive learning community. We are working on our growth mindset and took part in a cup stacking STEM project this week.

Please remember  the spelling test will be on Tuesday, September 26th and the 4 homework assignments are due that day.

Next Wednesday the 27th is Early Release!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Welcome to Mrs. Gaudreau's Class!

On this blog you will find information that pertains to the classroom, homework and important school calendar dates.

During the month of September we are working on building our Growth Mindset. We have started our Project on building community and have been learning routines and expectations for third grade.
Students have also been studying maps and globes, including learning about directions. In math, we are reviewing some second grade routines and learning how to use the Student Reference Book. Homework has just started this week.

Next week we will begin the Journey's Reading Program, so we have been practicing reading and writing strategies as we learn about the Daily 5!

Upcoming Dates:

September 15, 2017- Walking Field Trip (weather permitting)
September 27, 2017- Early Release

*Please remember to pack your child an extra snack each day.
Thank you for all of the school supplies sent in!!! I couldn't do it with out all of your help:)

ASK your child about their bridge building and tower building STEM projects!!!